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So, you want to contact me, eh? Well, great! I love hearing from you. (“But you don’t even know me!” you might exclaim. Well guess what: I don’t have to know you to love hearing from you. Because you’re awesome.)

Here are some potential reasons you may have for contacting me:

  • You want me to write a guest post for you. I’d love to!
  • You want to write a guest post for me. Great! As long as it touches on anxiety or depression and I like it, I won’t hesitate to accept it!
  • You want to tell me your life story. I can’t wait to read it!
  • You want to suggest content. I’m all ears!
  • You disagree with something I’ve said. You hate my writing. You think my blog is stupid. Everyone needs humbling, right?
  • You want to send me pictures of your dog. Well, you’re in luck: I love dogs!

Maybe you have other reasons. That’s up to you. All I can say is that I read every email, comment and message I get, so don’t hesitate.

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